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Photographer Resume TemplateWe see many of them passing by on the Internet: a wedding photographer resume template. Sometimes in the form of an info graphic, but more often as a work of art in itself, where the creator has put all of his or her formatting skills in the fight making something wonderful out of it. And to be honest, but right to the point, I like it much. The creator shows at least that the curriculum vitae are important and in addition that he or she is willing to put a lot of time and energy in there.

I think that is always better than a CV or a resume full of errors in which the paragraphs higgledy-piggledy by each other. But is a creative resume for everyone is the best choice? And is it wrong when the shape is more important than the content?

Professional photographer resume template just for graphic designers?

Examples of creative photographer resume template resumes, there are plenty. Check out any professional photographer resume template page and also here at the bottom of this page, there are numerous examples to be found. What is striking is that in particular people from the so called creative professions use lots of a creative CV. You see, many graphic designers, web designers and art directors with a creative CV. That is also called logical, the CV is for these people a first aptitude test: “If the CV already doesn’t look, the rest will also be nothing”.

But also communication professionals and marketers have increasingly creative photographer resume template CV. Although the CV of this category people often may be less creative but more professionally formatted (font separately, tight layout, professional photo and a single graphic element). To answer the question if a creative CV is only for people with a creative job, then the goal of a resume will first have to be highlighted.

Freelance photographer resume template – The purpose of a resume

Your photographer resume template curriculum vitae has only one purpose and that is to be invited for an interview. The CV is as the business card with which you are trying to achieve a goal. This means that you should include only information that is relevant to the function you are looking for and information that shows that you are unique, and for the functionally relevant, with the necessary talents and skills. In any form in principle, it does not matter how. If it is for the reader, but (1) direct, (3) clear and above all (3) quickly to scan( indeed: to scan and not: to read).

Information must be unequivocal: avoid as much as possible, jargon and other difficult terminology.
Information should be clear: as clear and no bull words (meaningless terms) as men man, team player and proactive.
Present information in bite-sized chunks, make use of paragraphs and lists, do not use whole sentences but formulate short and crisp.

Photographer resume template free – The form of a CV

A well known photographer resume template design principle in the architecture is: form follows function. If we use this same principle when creating a CV then it means that the shape of your CV should be supportive of the purpose of your resume. If with a creative photographer resume template download design the information could be presented faster or easier yet, then make especially use of that. However, if design is the primary object of your resume and covers up important information, then look out. You run the risk that you choose ‘ stand out ‘ instead of ‘ differentiated ‘.

Everyone can stand out, you can also run naked through the streets by screaming out your talents with a megaphone. Unless you have a function as the village idiot, this probably will miss the purpose. Anyone can stand out, to differentiate is trickier.

Do you stand out by choosing a format that suits you and is supportive to the combination of your unique personality, skills and talents. That causes that your CV continues to ‘ hang out ‘ in a positive way to the reader. I wish you much success in creating your resume!

John Doe
201 Down Ridge Lane
Franklin, Indiana 47804
(888) 555-1324


News Photographer/Reporter

Pursuing becoming a press photographer at your television facility, wherein I’m able to utilize my personal experience as an skilled photographer, qualified in all segments of news in order to be a valuable asset to your corporation.

Synopsis of News Qualifications

• photojournalism                       • Aspect Writing                       • Digital Camera
• Area News                                  • AP Writing                              • 35 mm Camera
• News Writing                            • Editorial Writing                   • Graphic Software
• Sports Writing                          • Proof Reading                         • Windows 7 and 8
• Commerce Writing                  • Reality Checking

Professional Familiarity

Tribune News, Indianapolis, IN.                                                                                          2006 – Present

News Reporter/Photographer

• The devoted community journalist is always searching for news, with a enthusiasm for reporting and a character for great story telling ethics.
• A six year record of commending routine as a staff reporter for publishing and online editions of local every day newspapers with circulations of equal to 1,275,000
• Practiced professional story-teller who treats information, features, and additional events with equal excitement and thrives inside the deadline intensive, 24×7 newsroom atmosphere.
• Qualified and skilled in all the areas of photography and news coverage.

Local News Line Inc. Indianapolis, IN. 2003 – 2006

News Reporter/Photographer
• Covers a range of areas (e.g., news, sports, commerce, instruction, healthcare, daily life, travel) as a around the clock all-purpose task photographer (and reporter) for local every day news.
• Providing the most comprehensive, precise and persuasive coverage of both anticipated and spur-of-the-moment news for print and other online medium.
• Earned frequent commendations for quality in writing, reporting, photo-journalism and supplied graphics.

Tribune Star, Indianapolis, IN. 1999 – 2003


• Interned at the Public Information Department of Indiana University during junior and senior years.
• Fulfilled multifaceted duties that included reporting, news/aspect writing, researching, fact checking, also proofreading and Title/Cutline writing.
• Served on the college grounds news working group.
• Provided many astonishing college conversation features for the university grounds tabloid.
• Provided thousands of specialized photographs with all the dialogue features.

Tutoring and Professional Training

BA in Journalism, 2003

PARALLEL EMPLOYMENT: Served as Chief Editor and Staff Journalist for the campus newspaper (The IU Daily) during his college career (1999 to 2003).

What do you as a recruiter actually think of these free photographer resume template crafts? Can you appreciate it if an applicant sends a creative CV or do you prefer a standard CV? Let us know in the comments regarding this photographer resume template download article!


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