How To Make Money On Instagram With Clickbank

How to make money on Instagram with ClickBank: The Secrets of Influencers

An extensive guide  into how to make money on Instagram with ClickBank. Instagram has upset the world of e commerce. Born as a platform for sharing photos is now a real gold mine for business anyone can use that, even and especially by owners of ecommerce. Want to find out how to earn on Instagram? How does the sale on Instagram differ from other types of ecommerce activities? We wanted to create this article to present a series of tactics and strategies that you can implement immediately, so you too can start earning on instagram.

How To Make Money On Instagram With Clickbank

Can you make money with Instagram?

Yes. You can absolutely earn on Instagram. The only requirement is that you can represent your business in a visual and creative way, and you will reach the millions of users of the social.

To get started, here are some of the ways you can make money on Instagram:

Use sponsored posts for brands that want to reach your audience: it becomes the perfect medium.
Become an affiliate: earn money by selling products that belong to other brands.
Sell your products, whether physical but also digital or even services. And sell services and products, as in any ecommerce environment.
Sell your photos: earn from your best shots.
Fans of this platform are always looking for new ways to earn money with Instagram.

Don’t worry, this article will reveal all the secrets of how to earn on Instagram. And you can also discover some stories of who has been successful to draw inspiration from it.

How to earn with Instagram?

Instagram is the perfect platform to sell photogenic products. Is your product among them? Then you have a good chance of selling well on Instagram. Are you also photogenic, or are photos your passion, and are you also good at doing them? Even better, you have all the credentials to succeed on Instagram and capitalize on your followers.

In general, there are at least 5 business models you can follow to earn money with Instagram:

1. Become an influencer and earn from sponsored posts

What is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who has created an online reputation with a certain target group. Influencers have a good social following, and can convince their followers to try particular products or services because of the trust they have established with their online presence. With your influencer status, you can propose to different brands to help them promote their products on your profile with posts or stories. Even better if your target audience also reflects the potential of the brand you are introducing yourself to.

Brands tend to collaborate with influencers by requesting sponsored posts to disseminate and advertise their products, in exchange for money and/or free products. Influencers have to deal with several aspects, such as the size and scope of their Instagram profile, the loyalty of their followers and the interaction with the content they publish.

The most famous influencers earn thousands of euros for each sponsored post. Imagine getting to those levels and posting one sponsored post a day: you’d easily earn tens of thousands of dollars a month!

What does a influencer do?

Generally an influencer creates content like a post or story, promoting the brand he is working with, or its products. As an influencer, it is essential that you know your followers. These are fundamental data to understand what kind of brand is best suited to your following. It may be useful to switch to a company Instagram profile, which provides useful data and reports on your followers and the interaction that generates your profile.

How To Make Money On InstagramThe question may arise spontaneously: how do you find brands to work with, that are willing to pay you all this money for a sponsored post? The answer is simple. If you’ve managed to create a significant online presence, there’s a good chance that the brands themselves will contact you.

However, you can always find brands that you believe are in line with your personality and values. You can contact brands directly (through Instagram or from their website) to try to negotiate a deal, or you can join a marketplace dedicated to influencers to increase your chances of being found by a big brand.

An important tip:

Be careful not to lose the confidence of your audience in trying to earn more money with sponsored posts. To prevent this from happening, indicating with a hashtag that it is a sponsored post (for example, adding #sponsored) is always a good idea.

2. Become an affiliate and earn money by selling other people’s products

You can sell other people’s products and earn a share of the proceeds. Many brands now sell their products through affiliate programs, and there are several people who earn with Instagram in this way.

The difference between an influencer and an affiliate is that an affiliate works with the goal of selling the products of the brand they work with in exchange for a commission. The purpose of an influencer is instead to make the brand known and spread its products.

Affiliates earn money on Instagram through a traceable link or promotional code, to ensure that clicks actually become sales.

Create posts that generate interaction, so you can promote your products without being insistent. One limitation of Instagram is that you can only have one link in the bio, so create a landing page for your affiliate’s link. Include a caption in each post saying that they can purchase the product through the link in bio, so as to direct your followers interested in buying!

At first glance it may seem like a tricky game, but affiliate marketing has a wide range of possibilities if you want to grow online. You can expand your presence to include a site and/or other marketing or social media channels.

3. Sell posters and other virtual products.

As we said, photogenic products are the ones that sell most on Instagram, being the most “unstable”. So you can sell posters, paintings, drawings, animations, videos and other products based on images or videos. In each post, direct your followers to the link in your bio. This is another effective and popular way to earn money with Instagram.

If you think you can take pictures in high quality, you can charge for it. But don’t limit yourself to your photographic skills, explore all the possibilities that can improve your photos, such as editing and composition. Try to be as original as possible.

You can use Instagram to promote your photo portfolio by using the relevant hashtags.

4. Sell your physical products.

You can sell any physical product you produce or buy from other suppliers. This method of resale normally requires that you have an inventory, which means that an investment is necessary to have a stock of the products you will sell.

Also, you need a warehouse where you can store your products. A warehouse can be any space, from an extra room in your apartment to a room to rent. For example, if you buy products from a Chinese supplier, you will need a space to store the products before shipping them to the customers who bought them.

5. Sell products with dropshipping.

Drop-shipping is a business model that you can use to manage your store without a warehouse. Once you have made a sale, your supplier will ship the products from their warehouse directly to your customer’s home. You never have to worry about storing, packing or shipping your products.

Can You Make Money On Instagram

This method is similar to the previous point, it is always about earning money with Instagram selling products. The difference is that you don’t have to worry about your store’s inventory. You can easily open a dropshipping store with Shopify’s ecommerce platform, free for 14 days, and Oberlo’s dropshipping app, which has an entirely free package, forever. Drop-shipping allows you to experiment to find the niche of products and markets that sell the most, without wasting initial capital.

The potential of Instagram

The numbers behind Instagram are stunning, and the platform is reaching the growth of Facebook, which has 2.07 billion active users per month. In 2018, Instagram reached 1 billion monthly users since its launch in 2010. The platform is constantly growing and continues to gain popularity, so it is not surprising that Instagrammers have become an unstoppable force. They have found a way to earn with Instagram, and receive money from their photos.

If you want to earn with Instagram

It may be worth considering the following data:

1) 1 billion active users every month. It is more than 3 times the population of the United States (Instagram has 19 million active monthly users in Italy alone).

2) 500 million active users every day. It is more than twice the population of the United States.

3) In 2017, 70.7% of American companies use Instagram. With 30 million activities (large and small) in the U.S., this number translates into 21 million U.S. companies using Instagram.

4) 80% of Instagram users follow at least one company profile. This translates into 640 million users following at least one company profile.

5) Every month there are 2 million Advertisers on Instagram.

6) The time people spend on Instagram increases by 80% each year.

7) About 895 million users are reachable every month by advertising on Instagram.

8) 300 million Instagram profiles use stories every day. One third of the most viewed stories are those of companies.

9) Instagram users by age:

  • 18-29 years old: 59%
  • from 30 to 49 years old: 33%
  • from 50 to 64 years old: 18%
  • More than 65 years: 8%

10) Instagram users by gender:

  • Female: 38%
  • Male: 26%
  • Other: 36%

11) Geolocalized Instagram posts receive 79% more interaction.

12) Photos whit faces receive 38% more like.

13) User-generated content has a 4.5% higher conversion rate.

Earning with Instagram: success stories

To earn money with Instagram it is important to have a specific niche and sell products you are passionate about. It can be any passion, hobby or anything you feel you want to share with your followers. Focus on what you do best, it’s the best way to really “get” to your followers.

And to convert your followers into potential customers, use the apps that connect your Instagram feed to your ecommerce. Shopify allows you to integrate your Instagram company profile, so the process is even easier!

A great way to learn how to make money with Instagram is to observe the experiences of those who did it before you, as in the case of these success stories. The entrepreneurs whose stories we are going to discover have perfectly integrated their Instagram into their ecommerce. Learn from their experiences how to earn with Instagram, and try to be successful in this field too!


The name BeardBrand appeared for the first time in an article in the New York Times. Their store only started with $30 and a particular seller. The way they managed to earn money with Instagram is unique and challenging.

They sell beard care products, and have a strong online presence with over 150,000 followers.

It can integrate Instagram into the shopping experience, because followers can identify with published posts. With the right approach, these posts can capture curiosity and then win the customer’s trust.


With almost a million followers, their store’s stocks run out in one day. The videos are sharp and clear, and the viewer can hear the creaking sound of the colored dough being shaped. The videos are incredibly unstable and have incredible marketing power.

This rainbow mint paste, for example, has generated over 179,000 views. The numbers don’t lie, with figures like this it’s not surprising that their products are going off the rails: that’s how to earn on Instagram. uses Shopify’s ecommerce platform, which is flexible and versatile. Making money on Instagram can be relatively easy with such eye-catching images and videos!


The passion of Justin Wong, the founder of SoAestheticShop, is Harajuku style fashion. The name comes from a neighborhood in Tokyo, and combines Western and Japanese styles. The Instagram profile is its main marketing channel. If you’re careful, you’ll notice that each post is create with  an eye-catching image. Wong earns around $12,000 a month on Instagram by selling various products using the dropshipping method. is a stockless store, thanks to the dropshipping business model. According to this model, the seller does not buy the products on his store. Each time a customer makes a purchase, the seller orders that product from his supplier, who will ship the goods directly to the final customer. We now consider Dropshipping one of the most profitable business models, and can be with Instagram.

For example, they work with influencers who receive products free of charge in exchange for posts where they wear their garments, and have a discount code for their followers. Another way to increase sales is through an affiliate program, with which anyone with a site or social profile can participate and receive a commission every time they place an order via their link. This is another effective way to earn with Instagram.

What are the requirements to earn with Instagram?

Using apps, following lists of what to do and what not to do, choosing the perfect filters and applying the right promotional tactics are all key factors for the success of your business. You must always be up to date with the latest fashions and standards, which are essential to earn on Instagram.

1) Instagram for companies

There are two types of Instagram profiles: personal and corporate. They launched the company profile in July 2016. Here you can find out why Instagram is the ideal solution for your business. In addition, Shopify provides an in-depth tutorial on how to sell on Instagram.

2) Integration of shopping apps on Instagram

Instagram has a limited capacity to sell products, which requires some ingenuity to make it an effective tool for business. Thanks to the apps designed for Shopify stores.

Try some of the available apps, and find out which one is best for you. You can publish the products, their price and specifications on separate pages: in this way, your customers will think they are still on your Instagram profile when they are actually already on the pages of the shopping app.

We recommend using Shopify because of the many apps that integrates with Instagram. You can try many of these apps for free, so you won’t run any risks if you don’t feel satisfied.

3) What to do and what not to do on Instagram

Instagram has very precise rules about what, what kind of images or videos and how many times a day to post. Following these rules can increase your chances of earning with Instagram. Also remember to limit the number of hashtags you add to each post, so as not to fill your profile with more than 30 hashtags not related to your content.

According to NinjaMarketing

Brands post on average 1.5 times a day. By sticking to this average, you won’t bore your followers and have time to create interesting posts that generate interaction.

In addition, the ideal length of the caption for each post is between 138 and 150 characters. For sponsored posts, however, try not to exceed 125 characters. The optimal number of hashtags you should add to each post is between 5 and 9. You can also add over 20, but we do not recommend it. Because Instagram may penalize you. This would cause your posts to not be visible by searching for certain hashtags. As a result, your chances of earning with Instagram would decrease.

4) Choosing the perfect filters

Choosing the right filters for your photos can make a real difference in the number of likes you get to your posts.
The world’s favorite filters are: Clarendon, Juno, Valencia, Gingham, and Lark.

The most popular filters for fashion are:

  • Valencia
  • Normal
  • Brooklyn

The most popular filters for food are:

  • Skyline
  • Normal
  • Helena

The most popular filters for selfies are:

  • Normal
  • Slumber
  • Skyline

Always keep an eye on the progress of your post (the statistics offered by the company profile are very useful by the way): your goal is to emulate the profiles that are successful, but without copying them. Make sure you always create unique and original content. Learn more and more every day, stay motivated and you’ll earn money with Instagram.

5) Use the most viral stories to create new posts

Include posts in your product photos and videos. There are several tools you can use to create motivational images, such as Stencil, PromoRepublic and Be Funky.

How to earn followers on Instagram

Do I need to create a follow-up on Instagram before or after starting ecommerce activity?

The answer is simple: before and after.

Before you sell you should have at least 200 followers, to avoid posting your images in a profile without follow-up, and to have at least a minimum of interactions, which is already a good start.

But how do you earn followers on Instagram? Apply the 14 tips you’ll find in this article, and you’ll see the interaction on your profile grow. A good follow-up is essential to earn money with Instagram.

1) Optimize your Instagram profile.

Make sure you choose a username that contains less than 30 characters. Ideally, you should be able to find the name using a keyword. It should also be in line with the user name you use on other social platforms.

Your bio should include up to 150 characters. A good idea is to include a link to your site, because bio is the only place in your Instagram profile where you can add a clickable link, so it is an important aspect of optimizing your profile.

2) Create and promote a special hashtag.

If your profile name is Laura’s Candies, consider the hashtag #lecaramelledilaura. This way, whenever you want to check the conversations related to your brand, you just need to search for the hashtag. You can also promote your hashtag on other platforms, online and offline.

3) Create and choose creative hashtags for your niche.

Although Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags under each post, using so many may have the opposite effect. Use between 5 and 9 of the most popular hashtags for your niche and related to your products.

4) Take part in conversations within your niche.

Take a look at the other profiles that use your own hashtags, follow them and participate in the conversations. This way you will bring new followers to your profile.

5) Write compelling captions.

So your followers will feel invited to respond and like your posts.

6) Create and promote contests.

Create a contest, invite your followers to participate and show what the prizes will be. You can also include a special hashtag for each contest. How the winners will be picked. And set out the rules clearly.

For example, you can invite your followers to take special photos, using the contest hashtag. It will include all photos that use the special hashtag in the competition. Make sure you adhere to Instagram’s promotion policy. Be creative, so that participants also earn something from Instagram, such as the opportunity to participate in an affiliate program!

7) Create and promote live stories and videos.

Create fun and interactive stories by adding a tag with your location, stickers, gifs, text or filters to better convey your message. Make your videos memorable!

8) Post regularly.

The key is to be regular, and make sure all posts are created in the same way, following the same format: for example always using the same filters or post type, such as photos or quotes. In this way your followers will be able to recognize your posts among all the others and connect them to your brand.

9) Work with influencers and profiles similar to yours.

Contact influencers and profiles similar to yours to advertise your brand. If you also have a large following you can help each other with visibility by exchanging posts. If you work with an influencer, you can choose to create an affiliate program that pays a commission for each sale or a certain amount for each post published, based on its sequel.

10) Use geolocation.

Post videos and stories on your profile using the hashtags and geolocation, so that your followers can find your content.

11) Develop a unique visual style.

Choose the same filter and style for your Instagram profile. If you have multiple profiles, each profile must have a unique personality. For example, one account could be on brand activities and another on product sales.

12) Ask people to interact with your content.

Just ask, and people might help you. The important thing is that the caption of the post has some value for your followers and that it can establish positivity, and you can ask your followers to interact with your posts.

13) Use Instagram ads to reach more people.

Paid or sponsored ads can help you reach a larger audience, and people who wouldn’t otherwise look for your posts. On average, an Instagram ad costs between €0.70 and €1.00.

Promote your activity on Instagram

Regardless of your business model, you need to promote it. Self-promotion requires you to be strategic and use proven tactics to make money with Instagram.

When you sell your products on Instagram, purchases are based on the momentary impulse. That’s why the promotions you choose should be based on this philosophy. It is essential to create a surprise factor, something amazing, with videos, photos, captions, that invite the customer to buy your products without feeling forced.

Use professional photos and videos, with the most popular filters and tools.
Integrate your Instagram profile with your store to ensure a positive and consistent shopping experience.
Work with as many influencers as possible, but select those who have a philosophy and followers in line with your target audience.

Choose the right strategy. Don’t fall behind and post new content every day.
Design all your social profiles, web pages and blogs to reflect a consistent and consistent theme.

Design all your social profiles, web pages and blogs to reflect a consistent and consistent theme.

How To Make Money On Instagram With Clickbank: Conclusion

If you can create a creative profile, you too can earn with Instagram. You can sell your physical products by posting photos, stories and videos. You can also sell services, such as influencer marketing. If you sell tangible products, you may want to consider the dropshipping model, which is the most cost-effective alternative.

How much can you earn with Instagram?

It depends on what you sell, the business strategies and marketing tactics you implement. If you’re just starting out, you could earn a minimum amount. However, with the growth of your Instagram following and your increasing knowledge of marketing, there will be no limits!

How to start earning on Instagram?

Learn about the most successful Instagrammers. Combine what you learn from them with your knowledge in terms of marketing, photography, style. Grow your following as much as possible, create contests, always be active by posting new content once or twice a day. You must have a good product and offer your customers a good service.

It may take a few weeks or months to start earning high amounts of money on Instagram, which can allow you to leave your job “during the day”. If you consider that those who sell through dropshipping have an annual income of 6 or 7 digits, selling dropshipping products through Instagram is a business model too interesting to miss. If nothing else, you owe it to yourself!

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