Best Senior Portraits

best senior portraits

Think about this, more people will see your high school senior picture than any other portrait you ever have taken, even more than will see your wedding photographs! Do not limit yourself by keeping all possibilities open by hiring a professional photographer to take your pictures.What do you want your high school senior pictures to […]

Professional Lighting Photography

Professional Lighting Photography

Without light,  there is no photography. Technically, the sensor can register nothing without light, but  light is also needed to achieve certain artistic effects. In addition to illuminating one’s subject, light in certain circumstances, even becomes the main subject of your picture. The quality of light can make, or break your picture.Framing, composition, perspective, and […]

Portraits at public events

Digital Camera Shutter

Photos of landscapes, or stationary objects can become boring. Many photographers go beyond, looking for a vibrant subject  of flesh and blood. The easiest way is to do this in the city, but pointing a camera lens on  just about  anyone  for the first time can be scary for both the photographer, and subject. It […]

Creative Against The Light Photography

Photographer Against The Light

Normally, a photographer makes sure that the light, (it could be the Sun, moonlight, or artificial light) is behind or at an angle from the photographer. This ensures that the subject is well exposed, and you see a lot of detail. Shooting against the light is usually not recommended, because the camera tends to underexpose […]

Autumn photography

Autumn Photography

The weather is not always  pleasant- it’s wet, cold and gets dark early- yet, Fall is my favorite season, a dramatic season with a constant stream of changes. The leaves that change colors, mushrooms in the undergrowth, berries ripe for the picking, spiders on webs glistening with dew, chestnuts and nuts that you can pick […]

Gray gradient ND filter

Gray Photography Filter

One of the biggest secrets of landscape photography, which can have a great impact on the photos you will take, is the gray gradient filter. Gradient filters are widely used for landscape photography because it is important that on both light and dark areas, enough detail is visible. By using a gray gradient filter, it […]

Compositions with color

Color Compositions

Color is a very important element in your photos. Color can elicit an emotional response from the viewer and adds a Visual impact to the picture. Colors are deeply rooted in the Visual culture. With color you grab the attention of the Viewer,  bright colors always have an important function. It’s not for nothing that pictures […]

Macro Photography

Macro Photography

The settings don’t make the picture. What counts is your own creativity that you use for a picture. Creativity is not captured in rules, and creativity is not something you can make a rule general. What we can try is to formulate some guidelines that can help you to get a more exciting macro photo. In […]

Pictures with a blurred background

Blurred Background Child

If you have watched a lot of photos of advanced photographers you will have noticed that the backgrounds behind the subject regularly appear blurred. This ensures that in the subject is sent to your eye, and that there are no distracting elements, photos get a dreamy effect and more 3D. With a simple setting on […]