How To Take Incredible Photos

How To Take Incredible Photos

Who is not fascinated by the portrait and who, with a camera in hand, has not made hundreds or thousands of them, am I wrong? And of those hundreds or thousands how many have convinced you, with how many you have thought, “Here’s a great portrait what a great picture this is my thing” Let’s […]

How To Narrate Your Trip With This List Of Photographs

Holiday World Vacation

Are you planning your trip or about to leave? I bet your camera is one of the first objects (if not the first) you’ve added to your list of things to throw in the suitcase. Thus, those of us who love photography are not able to leave home without our beloved companion. And you do […]

The Best Photography Books

Best Photography Books

One of the most common ways in which today, this wonderful art is learned, is through self-taught reading. To understand the basic principles of photography or to acquire information. About tricks, special techniques and tips that allow you to improve your photographs. It will not be enough to read every article that goes around the […]

Finding The Best Photography Website Templates

Photography Website Wordpress Template

The second article in a series on finding the best photography website templates for photographers. This series reviews the major template providers and gives photographers a more systematic basis for comparing and choosing. See also: The Best Photography Website Templates: Introducing a New Series***UPDATE: Below I say that I ultimately chose Photobiz as my solution. […]