How to Choose the Best Camera Lens

How to Choose the Best Camera Lens

This episode is dedicated to “frequently asked questions”, or rather my intent is to give a simple answer to the main doubts that people who approach photography have. Here we talk about “how to choose the lens” photographic. It may seem a matter of course, but it’s not and in fact I do not want, with this […]

DSLR Camera Tiptorial

Dslr Video Cameras

The purpose of our ongoing Photography tutorials is twofold. First, to help you buy and learn from your first DSLR purchase. Secondly, to review and discuss exactly how DSLR images are and/or can be incorporated into your web pages. If you have been shooting with what is called a ‘point and shoot’ digital camera and […]

Crop versus Full-Frame camera sensors

Some digital cameras have have a crop factor. Parts of the image captured by the viewfinder are cut-out from the final picture. A sensor that is 1.5-1.6 x smaller than a 35 mm negative (24 mm high x 36 mm wide). There are a lot of benefits when shooting with telephoto lenses on crop sensors.  […]

Introduction To Different Types Of Flash Units

I often receive requests to discuss, and write something about camera flashes. Often seen as complicated. That learning about them scares many people. Because of the unfamiliar terminology used, and the effect of the flash is difficult to predict. Even if you’ve already practiced using it. If you want to make the most of using […]

How To Test Camera Lens Quality

Camera Dslr Lenses

Being the wise consumer you are, and most likely doing your homework well. You decided to buy a shiny brand-new and perhaps expensive digital camera, lens for your digital camera. You’ve read some reviews and you burned it in your brain. So now let’s head out photographing, since your camera lens has arrived. We wish […]