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Introduction To Different Types Of Flash Units

I often receive requests to discuss, and write something about camera flashes. Often seen as complicated. That learning about them scares many people. Because of the unfamiliar terminology used, and the effect of the flash is difficult to predict. Even if you’ve already practiced using it. If you want to make the most of using […]

Camera Profiles, a good starting point

In Camera Editing

A disadvantage RAW format, is that the images may not give you the results you had in mind. Using digital editing software on your computer may not give you the  photos you want to achieve. Colors may not appear as you like, and  most detail is lost. Editing can restore them, but this process takes […]

Creative Against The Light Photography

Photographer Against The Light

Normally, a photographer makes sure that the light, is behind or at an angle from the photographer. the camera tends to underexpose the subject, causing an unwanted  silhouette. But with one’s imagination, one can take advantage of too much  ambient light. Against the light  photography can produce beautiful,  and  varied results. By shooting against the […]

Autumn photography

Autumn Photography

The weather is not always  pleasant- it’s wet, cold and gets dark early- yet, Fall is my favorite season. A dramatic season with a constant stream of changes. The leaves that change colors, mushrooms in the undergrowth, berries ripe for the picking. Spiders on webs glistening with dew, chestnuts and nuts that you can pick […]

Gray Gradient ND filter

Gray Photography Filter

One of the biggest secrets of landscape photography. Which can have a great impact on the photos you will take, is the gray gradient filter. Because it is important that on both light and dark areas, enough detail is visible. By using a gray gradient filter, it is no longer necessary to compromise between bleached-out […]

Polarizing Filter, for better color and less reflections

A good polarizing filter, (often affectionately known as a ‘ pola, ‘) is one of the most important accessories that a digital photographer can make use of. With the introduction of digital photography, the need for physical filters largely diminished. Many effects can already be easily added and altered on the computer. But, the purchase […]

Aperture, how does it work?

Wide Open Aperture

Of all the different manual settings of your camera. The tool that is responsible to make a creative photo is the APERTURE. By simply adjusting it, you can create a very big effect in your picture. These suggestions apply proportionately to both compact cameras like SLRs. The only difference between the two types of cameras […]

Compositions with color

Color Compositions

Color is a very important element in your photos. Color can elicit an emotional response from the viewer and adds a Visual impact to the picture. Colors are deeply rooted in the Visual culture. With color you grab the attention of the Viewer,  bright colors always have an important function. It’s not for nothing that pictures […]

Macro Photography

Macro Photography

The settings don’t make the picture. What counts is your own creativity that you use for a picture. Creativity is not captured in rules, and creativity is not something you can make a rule general. What we can try is to formulate some guidelines that can help you to get a more exciting macro photo. In […]

Enhance your photos in post processing

Amazing Online Photo Editor

Digital photography offers many opportunities to assess your photos directly on location photos via the screen. And to correct them so you come home with the best possible image. Though there are always things you overlooked when you are busy shooting. Or that you should have done different or better. You don’t have always  in all circumstances […]