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Ways To Promote Wedding Photography

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  There are lots of ways to promote your wedding photography services, but for many photographers, sales tend to come down to a couple of proven methods: building a website; and hoping for enough personal recommendations to keep new clients rolling in. But there’s a lot more that wedding photographers can do to find clients, […]

Photoshop Lightroom or Other Post Processing

Photoshop Lightroom Cs6 Extended

  John Frinking posted an article to his blog giving three reasons why he refuses to use Lightroom. While he’s certainly entitled to his opinion, I thought I’d spend a moment to clear the air and address some of his concerns. First, what is FUD? FUD (rhymes with ‘thud’) is a techno babble acronym for […]

Best Camera Settings For Flash Photography

Proper Exposure Off Camera Flash

We have seen them all, portrait shots where the model has big red pupils. Or a face without definition, with dark shadows  along the edges. In addition to that, the model sees bright stars right before his/her  eyes. When  the  flash goes off  full on the face. Which more often than not, does not show […]

The Best Wedding Photographers In The World

Wedding Photographers Packages

In the process of launching Best of Wedding Photography, we’ve had the chance to review thousands of the best wedding photographers in the world. I’ve personally looked at over 3000 wedding photography websites in the last three months, and as part of our invitation process (in the middle of that now), I’ve had the chance […]

Professional Lighting Photography

Professional Lighting Photography

Without light,  there is no photography. Technically, the sensor can register nothing without light. But light is also needed to achieve certain artistic effects. In addition to illuminating one’s subject, light in certain circumstances, even becomes the main subject of your picture. The quality of light can make, or break your picture.Framing, composition, perspective, and […]

Crop versus Full-Frame camera sensors

Some digital cameras have have a crop factor. Parts of the image captured by the viewfinder are cut-out from the final picture. A sensor that is 1.5-1.6 x smaller than a 35 mm negative (24 mm high x 36 mm wide). There are a lot of benefits when shooting with telephoto lenses on crop sensors.  […]

Beginning your own Photoblog

Photography Portfolio

Flickr, SmugMug, the Gallery, etc. are all useful services where you can upload photos. And reach  a large community of people. But these websites  also have limitations. You often do not have any  choice on the layout to display your photos. And you can exert little influence on how to promote your ‘ brand […]

Portraits at public events

Digital Camera Shutter

Photos of landscapes, or stationary objects can become boring. Many photographers go beyond, looking for a vibrant subject  of flesh and blood. The easiest way is to do this in the city, but pointing a camera lens on just about anyone. For the first time can be scary for both the photographer, and subject. It […]

z Photo Workflow with Lightroom

With the introduction of digital photography, so did the onset of photo editing software. It’s easier now, than ever, to realize your vision, or to correct an error. In addition to learning good camera techniques, it is also important to be skillful with digital photo editing programs. I shoot in RAW format only so it’s […]

Ten tips for Flickr fame

Top 10 Flickr Tips

Facebook, Instagram, and Myspace, may be the websites  where most photos are posted. But Flickr remains the gathering place of most photographers who are serious in their craft. There are  thousands of insanely beautiful photos found on the site, which is an inspiring, and dynamic environment. How can you make your photos stand out in […]