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Indispensable Accessories For A Macro Photography

Indispensable Accessories For A Macro Photography

If you’re reading this article it’s because the macro world has already seduced you (and it doesn’t surprise me). You may have already done your pinitos (or more than that) in this thing of magnifying small objects, turning tiny insects into giants or revealing every detail of a plant, or you may want to try […]

Tips For Capturing Incredible Rain Pictures

Rain, the perfect excuse not to go out on the street with your camera… right? Well, my intention today is to convince you otherwise. Throughout the post I will show you that rain is not an impediment, laziness is. Rain is not an inconvenience for photography, it is an opportunity to learn and achieve beautiful […]

Use A Photometer Or Exposure Meter

Use A Photometer Or Exposure Meter

You’ve used it a few thousand times, but have you considered how a photometer really works. Do you know how to make the most of it. Do you know that there’s life beyond the one integrated into your camera? Well, if you’ve never asked yourself these questions. Or if you did and didn’t get the […]

Light Painting Photography Ideas

Light Painting Photography Tutorials

How to Make Your First Photography Lightpainting Photographers and plants have one thing in common: we both need light as a means of subsistence. The plants to do the photosynthesis, and you to be able to capture those incredible scenes with your camera. And for incredible photos, the ones made with the Lightpainting technique… are […]

How To Become A Matured Photographer

During one stage of my life photography became, for me, distressing: I felt the obligation to become a legendary artist and to go down in history, to know how to find in each and every moment and situation a great photo. Something that had begun as a passion and enjoyment was turning into something terribly […]

Understanding Photographer Jobs

Camera Equipment List

Photographer Jobs for Dummies Edited images are usually only good for a single sale. Lighting, again, was a big issue and there was only a single picture of us, the key characters within this story. Think about everything in conditions of what the picture may be used for. Portrait pictures are taken in functions like […]