Against The Light Photography

Lets get some nice results with against the light photography. Do you also respect the old principle that the photographer should always stand with his back to the sun? Well, you’d better forget about it now, and quickly. Because you often have to stand against the light to take really good pictures. In the case of landscapes, it is practically obligatory to shoot against the light. That is if you want to capture suggestive images with a special atmosphere. We were able to see it again during a morning walk on the German wine road. Although the photos we took with the light have a nice illumination, they lack something, they are boring.

Against The Light Photography

The captures in which we place the camera towards the sun are very different. In these, the green leaves of the vine really shine. The photograph of a poppy, with light passing through the red petals, also suggests a fantastic summer atmosphere.

Of course, back-lighting does not mean directly portraying the sun. This would cause intense light reflections on the target and is dangerous for the eyes. What it means is that the sun shines from the front and obliquely on the object. And only appears in the photograph in exceptional cases.

To avoid insufficient exposure, the value of +1/3 to +2/3 EV must be corrected in backlit captures. If the sun appears in the image, the exposure is usually corrected a little more. However, care must be taken to ensure that the illumination does not become blurred over the entire surface. If it happens and the main subject is still too dark. It means that the light is too bright and the contrast too high. The best thing, is to try again later. The best times to make suggestive backlit captures are just after sunrise and just before sunset. Then light and shadows aren’t intense.

An Alternative To Back-Lighting

As an alternative to back-lighting, side lighting can also be used, which beautifully shapes extensive landscapes and individual subjects. In this case, it must also be borne in mind that the light should not be too bright. The best images are obtained early in the day and in the evening.

When we know that what we are passionate about is taking photographs. At all times we must have the necessary and essential knowledge to achieve very good results. With these tips, you will surely be able to take stunning photographs of people, landscapes, architecture, places, etc.. The important thing is to know the basic fundamental techniques so that all your photographs have a great impact. Both at the moment of taking them and when you decide to give them the editing process.

The first thing we need to know is what we want to capture. What are the options we have and above all achieve a great composition. However, if you apply these tips, things will be easier, and your photographs will be better.

Find The Silhouettes

The silhouettes or contours of each element, will always be of great impact. Especially if the background has a great contrast of color. In these shots what we must achieve is to capture the attention on the elements of each photograph. The colors that we have and what we can do in the composition, seeks that the colors are opposite, as the silhouettes of shadows with a sunset.

Find The Silhouettes

Find The Silhouettes

How to get the silhouettes

In most scenes generally the subject is always on a background or smooth or, at least, very simple, this helps us because it makes it simpler, and easy to capture. So we must take into account that our composition must be in contrast. If we have a person in front of a completely clear landscape, the subject must have a shadow. Try to see only in dark colors, so that the silhouette is uniform and very sharp. This will make the photograph has 2 kinds of light and shadows. For example a blue sky with orange of a sunset, will make the subject stand out in black.

The important thing that we must know is that we always have the opportunity to take photographs of silhouettes. For this it is necessary only to make the subject is placed in a source of natural light. Place ourselves before the subject with the background light and achieve that all the light covers the subject to achieve the desired shadows, this makes a backlit photograph.

In this type of photographs, we must take care of the exposure by adjusting the diaphragm correctly so that the intensity of light is adequate. We should not worry about the light towards the subject, as we look for it to be completely black or shadows. This will achieve a picture of a well-lit silhouette.

Silhouettes In A Sunset

Back Light Freedom Sky Silhouette Nature Woman

Whether we are in a sunrise or sunset, we can also make silhouettes. For it is necessary that the subject is placed in an open framing field, which allows us to better apply the rules of composition. And place our camera in a vision in which the whole landscape is shown. Thus achieving a good sunset photography, the light that shows us the landscape will make the subject is in shadows, without so much lighting, we must take care that our frame is the right, our composition has the main elements, sunset and subject, and capture the moment with the sky completely clear.

White Light

In some occasions the landscape of the sky, simply is white, or in the place where we are we have an illumination completely in white color, this can be of great help to make photographs of great impact and to show the beauty of a good composition.

This completely white lighting makes the light of a window produce interesting images, but we must be able to find a subject that shows against the light in white, from people walking, corridors with background lighting or any structure that produces that the main element is black to backlight.

Translucent Elements

When we have an object that is illuminated from the back, making a shadow or silhouette of color on a translucent surface, makes an interesting photograph, the mysterious silhouette where the part of the subject is glued to the glass will make it look sharp, and the rest of the body will fade making a more diffuse shadow in general. If you find a translucent surface in your photographic moments, I recommend you try a few shots to create silhouettes, this is interesting.

Photographs with translucent surfaces achieve great results, since they only show a part of the main element, making the imagination develop by knowing what is on the other side of the surface.

Solid Elements

Many elements that are solid, such as surfaces, are also great sceneries for good photographs, streets with cobblestones as in the center of each town, or stairs, will help us to achieve a photograph of great impact. We find them in many places, so there is no pretext for taking photographs. These solid surfaces with certain lighting can become reflective surfaces, making the moment someone walks through them becomes a silhouette suitable for a great picture, you just need to know how to adjust the speed and diaphragm correctly.

Solid Elements

Solid Elements

When the sun is illuminating a street, surely someone will walk along it, and it will be the right moment for you to get a very good picture. Try different angles of illumination, from a second floor, or flush with the floor.

Inside a house, in front of a window we can also get great photographs, whether the main object is placed in front of it and the light arrives diagonally, try to take a focal length less than 1 meter to achieve great results.

Lights And Shadows

The lighting in a scene is always the most important thing, so we must look for both lights and shadows to achieve good photographs, if we find very sharp colors, and striking, we will make our photography is good, not only should we look for good lighting, we can play with the contrasts of colors, as mentioned at the beginning, making the person we are photographing has detail, this combination with illuminated elements and other dark or not so much, can produce interesting effects. this is also possible with the sun, or illumination of advertisements in the street, in which people walk and colored lights are intertwined with the contrasts of the whole scene, in this situation we can achieve great photographs.

Remember that in a photograph we can combine illuminated elements and shadows, which will achieve good results.

If after your photo session, you are one of those who apply the last touch with the developing process. During this task you will be able to give them a more detailed finish, since you will be able to apply contrast and brightness, if needed. Or apply greater shadows and blacks, in addition to giving luminosity, saturation and tone to the colors. In the process of developing always achieve great results if you know the basics. Take into account not to lose the essence and composition of the photograph. However, try to achieve a different result with the aim of an impact on what you do.

I invite you to try the above tips for you to achieve shocking photographs, share with your colleagues. To receive feedback on the techniques you use and always improve, so together they will learn at every moment.