Unusual Article Uncovers the Deceptive Practices of Fashion Photographer

How To Make Camera Lens

A fashion photographer should be creative, creating out-of-the-box concepts for each and every shoot. Fashion photographers are liable for producing a shot that needs excellent technical abilities and extensive fashion knowledge. A fashion photographer should be a people’s person who can connect with his customers and the models. On the other hand, he or she […]

Ways To Promote Wedding Photography

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There are lots of ways to promote your wedding photography services, but for many photographers, sales tend to come down to a couple of proven methods: building a website; and hoping for enough personal recommendations to keep new clients rolling in. But there’s a lot more that wedding photographers can do to find clients, close […]

Five Star Fine Photography

Wedding Photographer Needed

Today my destination is Tuscany, Italy. I googled Tuscany wedding photographers and few websites popped up. I clicked on a first few and started roaming through the pages.   Josef Samuel Studios did not sound Italian to me, so I figured this must be a destination wedding photographer. One has to be super good or super […]