Ways To Promote Wedding Photography

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There are lots of ways to promote your wedding photography services, but for many photographers, sales tend to come down to a couple of proven methods: building a website; and hoping for enough personal recommendations to keep new clients rolling in. But there’s a lot more that wedding photographers can do to find clients, close […]

Extreme Weather Photography

Dramatic Weather

For most photographers, the weather represents a challenge. It’s one element that they can never control and it affects how they shoot, what they shoot, and how the pictures eventually turn out. For one group of photographers though, the weather is more than a factor that affects the light levels. It’s the subject of their […]

Photoshop Lightroom or Other Post Processing

Photoshop Lightroom Cs6 Extended

John Frinking posted an article to his blog giving three reasons why he refuses to use Lightroom. While he’s certainly entitled to his opinion, I thought I’d spend a moment to clear the air and address some of his concerns. First, what is FUD? FUD (rhymes with ‘thud’) is a techno babble acronym for “Fear, […]

Five Star Fine Photography

Wedding Photographer Needed

Today my destination is Tuscany, Italy. I googled Tuscany wedding photographers and few websites popped up. I clicked on a first few and started roaming through the pages.   Josef Samuel Studios did not sound Italian to me, so I figured this must be a destination wedding photographer. One has to be super good or super […]

Best Camera Settings For Flash Photography

Proper Exposure Off Camera Flash

We have seen them all, portrait shots where the model has big red pupils, or a face without definition, with dark shadows  along the edges. In addition to that, the model sees bright stars right before his/her  eyes when  the  flash goes off  full on  the face , which more often than not, does not […]

Ask the photographer – Equipment

Home Photography Studio Setup

I was once one myself, a novice photographer, looking to get as much information as I could about what to buy, when to buy, how much to buy and why to buy? These are a few questions that I have asked in the past and hopefully the answers are helpful to you. I want to […]

The Best Wedding Photographers In The World

Wedding Photographers Packages

In the process of launching Best of Wedding Photography, we’ve had the chance to review thousands of the best wedding photographers in the world. I’ve personally looked at over 3000 wedding photography websites in the last three months, and as part of our invitation process (in the middle of that now), I’ve had the chance […]

White Light Photography

How To Do White Balance

A great picture is a record of light. Whether the picture is black and white or color, it’s the light in the picture that gets put to film (or memory card). A camera is generally pretty stupid regarding light. It relies on some automated sensors to tell it how much light and the quality of […]