Photo Workflow with Lightroom

With the introduction of digital photography, so did the onset of photo editing software. It’s easier now, than ever, to realize your vision, or to correct an error. In addition to learning good camera techniques, it is also important to be skillful with digital photo editing programs. I shoot in RAW format only so it’s […]

Ten tips for Flickr fame

Top 10 Flickr Tips

Facebook, Instagram, and Myspace, may be the websites  where most photos are posted, but Flickr remains the gathering place of most photographers who are serious in their craft. There are  thousands of insanely beautiful photos found on the site, which is an inspiring, and dynamic environment. How can you make your photos stand out in […]

Introduction to different types of Flash Units

I often receive requests to discuss, and write something about camera flashes. Flash units, are often seen as complicated,  that learning about them scares many people because of the unfamiliar terminology used, and the effect of the flash is difficult to predict, even if you’ve already practiced using it. If you want to make the […]

More Drama with a Wide Angle Lens

Lensa Super Wide

If you look at the wish-lists of photography enthusiasts, most likely you will see ‘camera lenses’ on top of the list, especially bright lenses that can zoom in further, and further, and get to show the image as close as possible. But it pays to take a wider look at things. Literally. The wide angle […]

Camera Profiles, a good starting point

In Camera Editing

A disadvantage of working in RAW format, (files of photos registered by the camera sensor, without any in-camera  editing) is that the images captured on camera may not give you the results you had in mind. Using digital editing software on your computer may not give you the  photos you want to achieve. Colors may […]

Creative Against The Light Photography

Photographer Against The Light

Normally, a photographer makes sure that the light, (it could be the Sun, moonlight, or artificial light) is behind or at an angle from the photographer. This ensures that the subject is well exposed, and you see a lot of detail. Shooting against the light is usually not recommended, because the camera tends to underexpose […]

Photographing with available light

Photography Slow Shutter Speed

The best pictures are made by using available light, in the jargon, referred to as ‘ ambient light ‘. As opposed to artificial light, usually supplied by the photographer, often in the form of flashes. Available light means you rely on the existing light in a scene, like sunlight in the middle of the day. […]

Light sensitivity (ISO), a forgotten camera setting

Photography Noise

Next to the shutter speed and aperture, there is still one element (that’s often forgotten,) on your digital camera that affects your photograph’s exposure. This is the ISO value (in the “film-age, ”  it was known  as the ASA value of a roll of film). If we wanted to take pictures in the evening, we […]