Enhance your photos in post processing

Amazing Online Photo Editor

Digital photography offers many opportunities to assess your photos directly on location photos via the screen and to correct them so you come home with the best possible image, though there are always things you overlooked when you are busy shooting or that you should have done different or better. You don’t have always  in all circumstances […]

Pictures with a blurred background

Blurred Background Child

If you have watched a lot of photos of advanced photographers you will have noticed that the backgrounds behind the subject regularly appear blurred. This ensures that in the subject is sent to your eye, and that there are no distracting elements, photos get a dreamy effect and more 3D. With a simple setting on […]

3 Short Landscape Photography Tips

Landscape Photography

I spend a week of my autumn holidays in the Scottish Highlands. Here I have, of course, photographed, and in this article I want to give you some short tips on the basis of a number of practical examples of photos that I’ve shot. Search the higher up Scotland is famous for its hills and […]

Please Note The Background Of Your Photo

Background Photography

We know it all, beautiful light and a beautiful subject, the enthusiasm of the moment takes over. Only afterwards, when uploading the photos to the computer, will we see that there is in fact a tree, lamp or fan to be growing in someone’s head, or that a trashcan is very prominent in the picture […]

How To Photograph Movement

Capture Motion In Photography

One of the hardest things to photograph is movement. You must often need to respond quickly to understand the technique for longer shutter speeds and some luck. But the reward for a good dynamic picture is all the greater. SLR Cameras are typically more suitable than compact cameras, especially with the larger zoom range with […]

Dealing With Digital Noise

Reduce Photo Noise

Photographing with higher ISO values, under less good lighting conditions or with a compact camera means you have to deal with digital noise, deviations in the form of arbitrary and blue or red pixels between the pixels with correct colors or additional pixels with different gray values. How does digital noise originate and what can […]

Use Long Shutter Speeds

Long Shutter Speed

Photography is dependent on light, as soon as the darkness appears, shooting from the hand will be increasingly difficult. You’ll soon need a tripod. Nevertheless, it’s worth it to buy a tripod, together with long shutter speeds you can achieve pretty effects. Foggy water, red and white stripes of the traffic and the movement or […]

Priority Settings For Creative Use

Digital Camera Settings Explained

Between fully automatic and manual control of the camera lies a world of possibilities that makes it easier for the photographer to get the desired outcome. Shutter speed and aperture priority are one of the most important tools to deliver good photos. The starter that wants to learn a single element of shooting at a […]

Grab The Art Of Sports Photography

Camera Sports Photography

There’s nothing more enjoyable for sports enthusiasts to see sport players perform their favorite game. The combination of the thrill and expectations, together with the site of the field can supply some amazing photographic opportunities. It is however more complex than just pointing the camera on the man hitting the ball, it’s much more complex […]