Apply Optimal Light Measurement

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To determine the optimum exposure of a scene we trust on the built-in camera’s metering system. But did you know that these offer a wide range of different possibilities to determine even more precise how the exposure should be? How can you make use of the different metering systems in the camera (multi-field measurement, center […]

Easy to Prevent Photography Mistakes Part 3

Photography Mistake

No selection The beautiful aspect of digital photography is that you can take a lot of pictures without having the costs immediately increase as in film. Many people are exploiting this, and all they see is photographed and displayed on the internet. You risk that the viewer than retreats, becauseĀ  there is too little variation […]

Easy to Prevent Photography Mistakes Part 2

Beginner Photographers

A good tool to get sharp pictures under less good lighting conditions is use of a tripod and a remote control. Combine your tripod with a remote control for the camera. This can be a wired control, but also a remote control without a wire. If you use your finger to press the shutter button […]

Easy to Prevent Photography Mistakes Part 1

Beginner Photographers Mistakes

The digital photography is becoming more and more advanced and offers more functionality. Nevertheless, we can see that there are still a lot of mistakes being made that could have been prevented through experience. In this article I will give you an overview of the most common mistakes, and how to prevent them. First of […]

Photography As A Productive Art Form

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Photography is a very exciting and versatile art, that requires a photographic eye and a lot of experience plus expertise. The distinction between an amateur photographer and a professional will not be the bullet point in this article. The word photography originates from the Greek which means painting with light, which clearly shows that this […]

The Way To Earn Money With Photography

The work of photography is some thing which you actually have to approach predicated on a frank evaluation of strengths, your skills and interests. From that point you do some proof of concept research to ensure those marketplaces will really pay you for your offerings, and may then see whether there is any type of […]